No Git bash here

Hello i am new to git hub and i am trying the aio3 tutorial on how to design pcb’s and there is a part where they want to add something and they use git bash here in that folder where they want to add this but there is no option there that allows me to do that i have tried to reinstall all git hub for desktop but it still does not work if some on could help me that would be great.

If you’re on Windows, you should install Git for Windows:

Or, if you prefer to use Chocolatey, you can find the Git for Windows package here:

Git for Windows ships with a Bash (mintty) with all the common tools (i.e. commands) that you’ll be needing when working with Git via CLI.

Installing Git for Windows is independent of any Git GUI front-ends/clients that might be present on your system (i.e. even if your Git client contains a Git CLI, they won’t interfere with each other, while still sharing your Git settings). So it’s a totally safe operation.

On my machine I had installed multiple Git GUI clients at once (Sublime Merge, Git Cola, and Git Tower), and although each one of them ships with a full command line Git I also installed the official Git for Windows distribution.

The main difference is that usually the GUI clients only ship with Git for CMD and/or PowerShell, whereas Git for Windows ships with a full Bash — which you’re going to need to handle many toolchains, and for the various tutorials.