No external editors found. Install vs code?

Just downloaded GitHub desktop for my PC and MAC. I Have sublime text 4 on each. On my Mac it recognizes sublime, pycharm etc.

On my PC however it does not recognize any external editor and asks if I want to install VS Code.

I am new to Github and Github desktop.

Welcome @Vegasaan!

At this time GitHub Desktop only supports editors that have been specifically integrated into the application. You can find the details of how this works along with the supported editors here:

At this time PyCharm is not supported on Windows, but Sublime Text should work. Since Sublime Text 4 is new it is possible that something has changed to break this. I’ll take a look to see if I can reproduce this issue.

Yeah it may just be windows because on my Mac it supports PyCharm and ST4

Can confirm, Sublime Text 4 doesn’t show up in available editors on Windows, even after uninstalling ST3. Would be brilliant to have ST4 as an option too.

EDIT: I found a dirtyish workaround. You can update from ST3 (download from here) to ST4 which should keep the registry keys and such in the ST3 format GitHub Desktop expects and you can open repos in ST4.

I have notepadd++ as a portable app (portable and, I may be wrong here, I don’t think that portable apps create any registry keys, I can’t check as I’m not Admin… (I have also move Atom to my portable apps directory). Is there a way I could point the Github desktop program to that directory?

@stephenteacher unfortunately we don’t have a way of pointing GitHub Desktop to portable editor installs at this time.