No event/hook are sent when adding an issue to a project

When users add an issue to a project now (essentially creating a pending card for that project), there are no events/webhooks being sent about this.

This essentially ruins the experience for our users, as they won’t know if the project board in our app is in sync with the “source of truth” on GitHub.

I’m assuming this is just a hook which by some reason hasn’t been activated on GitHub’s end? Is it possible to get an estimation for when such a hook can be added?



Hi @perborgen,

Thanks for being here! You can configure automatic workflows to keep the status of project board cards in sync with the associated issues and pull requests. To learn more about configuring automation for project boards once this automation is set you should see the actions fire. I hope this helps!


Thanks for the reply, but that does not help. The underlying problem is that is that _there _is no webhook which tells our app when a user of it adds an Issue to a Project.

We are building an app on top of GitHub, using your API. And when one of our users adds a Project to one of their Issues, we need to know, in order to keep our data and interface in-sync with what’s happening at GitHub. 

I got a reply from your support email as well. They told me they’d forward it to the product team.

Your API lacks several webhooks and endpoints and is partially unstable. Are you going to address these things?