No button to buy storage

Trying to buy some additional data packs for LFS storage, but the button is not there in my billing. According to help it should be right there in the billing section, but it isn’t there. Have they moved it?

Hi @crossmr,

Are you trying to purchase LFS for a personal or an organizational GitHub account? There are two different sets of instructions depending on which account type you’re trying to add to.

If you’re still not finding the option in your billing settings, you might try reaching out to private support so they can take a look. That option should exist for you, and if you’re not seeing it where you expect to, they may need to dig into your specific account a bit more than we can here in the public forum to troubleshoot.


@crossmr, maybe you have encountered a problem in the GitHub website. If you actually did encounter a problem in the GitHub website, I recommend for you to contact website support of GitHub about that problem.