No authorisation to access gitrepo using vs code and sap webide for last 1 week

Hi, No authorisation to access gitrepo using vs code and sap webide for last 1 week. Can pls help me? Thanks

Are you using your GitHub account password or PAT (Private Access Token) to log-into GitHub? Password log-in is no longer support for Git operations, it has been recently replaced by PAT for security reasons.

Also worth checking if your old Git credentials are being stored somewhere by the various Git implementations that ship with Git front-ends, the Git credentials manager, etc.

Hi Tajmone, I was using git pwd in vs code, webide local and webide cloud to pull & push. But due to this pat, I can have option to enter pat only at webide cloud but no option available to enter pat for local codes to pull&push. If no alternative then I can use only webide by using pat. Btw, pwd can still be used to login git directly to access code for reference. No issues. Only we need to fix for code pull&push from vs code and local webide. Thanks

Then you need to clear the stored credentials in you credentials manager and/or Git applications (e.g. Git GUI frontends, etc.).

Best approach is to start and check your Git configuration to see which credential manager tool you’re using:

Indeed, your password is still used to access your GH account, which also means you can then do any Git operations from GitHub WebUI. It’s only for local applications (Git included) that the password needs to be replaced by the PAT.

This move from password to PAT has been a cause of headaches for many GitHub users, especially since different OSs, Git packages and Git tools might use different credential managers and/or store the passwords in different configurations files. So it takes some patience to figure out where credentials are stored, or whether the cred. manager can be invoked with an option to delete a cached credential or update it.