No active codespaces but cannot create new

I’ve been fiddling with codespaces today and may have tripped over something. I’ve deleted my codespaces but now I cannot create anything from the UI:

Is there another way to see what can be blocking me here?

We’re looking into this to see what could be happening. It looks like it may be a bug but I’ll update you as soon as we have it sorted.


@matthewisabel any progress on this?

I had the same problem a short while ago. I usually sign into GitHub using SSO. When I accessed the codespaces page, I wasn’t completely authenticated and so the codespaces for my org were hidden. When I fully authenticated using my SSO provider, the hidden codespaces started showing.

Maybe this is your problem too?

This should be resolved. Please let us know if there are issues here you’re continuing to see!

Works great now, thanks @matthewisabel!

I’m encountering the same issue for about 2 weeks
and it’s continuing.

Ah, I’m sorry to hear that @sarisia. Let me look in to this to see what could still be happening.

We had an additional fix roll out today if you don’t mind verifying that you can now create Codespaces @sarisia

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Problem solved. Thank you for quick response!

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