Nightly Builds/Latest Branch Releases

This may be obvious but I can’t seem to find a way to publish nightly builds into the releases page, without having to manually update associated git tags each time.

What is the best practice to publish a build/release that always corresponds to the latest (current) commit of some branches? I want to have something like mysoftware-master-bin.gz and _mysoftware-develop-bin.gz   _preferably available to be downloaded from the Releases page.

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There are two ways things arrive on the Releases page: implicitly via tags and explicitly via the API or the UI creating a release and uploading artifacts. So, unfortunately, there isn’t an automatic way to do what you’re describing. You might be able to have a latest tag that you recreate each night, but that will require some action, even if scripted.

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@nadiajoyce thanks for your quick reply. Actually I’ve got the scripted part covered. The builds are ready and prepared to be uploaded every night.

The problem is that the releases API won’t let me manage the releases without linking them to tags. And tags can’t be (as far as I can tell) managed via API. Or, having a nightly release that is updated, well, nightly, implies that corresponding tags must also be updated each time. Or am I missing something?

Let’s make sure that we have our terminology straight:

  • Tags are a record in Git that associates a specific commit with a name
  • Releases are a record in GitHub that associates a tag with a “commit-ish” (by default the master branch), a title, a body, some other metadata, and assets

GitHub surfaces tags in the Releases UI but there aren’t release records associated with them by default. So the releases API is used to manage release records, not to manage tags. Tags, because they are Git records, are managed by Git.

So yes, if you want to have a “nightly” release, you can do that. (I just tested it. Check out ) You can create a nightly tag and create a release record for it. Then when the next nightly build happens:

  1. Update the nightly tag (using git tag -f nightly) in the local repository to point to the commit the nightly build was run from
  2. Push the updated nightly tag to the GitHub repo using git push --tags -f
  3. Using the releases API, delete all old release assets and upload any new release assets

I hope that helps 👍


@lee-dohm totally on the same page with you. In fact what you described here is the backup approach that I had in mind. The only problem with this approach is that when (if) the build is ready, I need to issue another coupe of git commands (aside from the required API calls). This is not exactly ideal, because I wanted to have read-only git access for the build, and now I need push rights. It’s not the end of the world, it’s just that I was hoping for a cleaner solution.

Anyways, it became clear to me that this is the only option I have. Thanks for all the help!

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How are you going to create a new release with read-only access? The user must have write access to the GitHub repo to create releases, which also gives the user write git permissions for the git repo.