Newsfeed not displaying anything


I’m fairly new to Github and as I’m discovering how everything is working, I starred a few repo to fill my news feed. However, nothing is showing. At first I though I had to give it a little time to populate but it’s been almost 2 weeks.
Is my news feed broken ? How can I fix it ?

Thanks in advance for any answer.

Hey @Netris89 and welcome to GitHub and the Community! You might be confusing Starring and Watching. Starring just adds a star to the repo and makes sure it shows up in your Starred list, while Watching adds any repository updates to your feed as well.

See Saving repositories with stars - GitHub Docs and Configuring notifications - GitHub Docs for some more context.

Ah, right. The description is confusing me then. I interpreted this “Your news feed helps you keep up with recent activity on repositories you watch or star” as meaning "if you watch or star repos, they will appear in your feed.

Thank you for you answer.