News feed is not loading

Hi! My feed also doesn’t work.
@nethgato Could you perform the cleanup operation for me as well?

Hey there @mikchmie :wave:

Firstly, I love that av =D

And yes, I certainly can, but I want to reiterate before doing so, that this is a destructive action. Only news feed items going forward from my time of action, will be displayed and historic data will be lost.

If you’re okay with that, just verify with a :+1: and I’ll get that sorted!

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Haha, thanks @nethgato :smiley: (although I’m not the author)

I’m fine with that, you’re good to go :+1:

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Ah no worries there. I also didn’t create my Av!

I went ahead and cleared your feed for you. And new activity should show up going forward.

Don’t hesitate to @ mention me if you continue to see problems with the feed :bow:

Having the same problem. Could I also get this done?

Hi @nethgato. Please apply the same fix to my news feed. Thank you!

Hi there @randomtestfive and @warm59 :wave:

Happy to take care of this for you both, but per the exchanges above, I want to reiterate before clicking the big red button.

This is a destructive action, which should allow news feed items to populate only going forward from the time of action, and not restore history.

If this is okay, please let me know and I can get it sorted.

Sounds good, go for it :+1:

Hi @nethgato
I’ve been having the same issue, could you please assist?
Disclaimer: i’m aware of the consequences, it shouldn’t be a problem for me given that it is an initial implementation of the personal feed.

@randomtestfive @IbarManuel :white_check_mark:

Completed this for both of you!

@warm59 if you still want me to take care of that for you, just one more additional acknowledgement of the destructive action and historical feed being lost would be appreciated.


Hi @nethgato. Thank you. I understand. Go for it please. :+1:

Thanks @warm59 – this is done :white_check_mark:

Hello @nethgato
Like the previous replies, I’ve been having the same issue. I have a few starred repositories but no activities showing on my feed.
If you could apply the same fix, I really appreciate it.

Hey @OfficialBispo :wave:

Can do, and just for consistency sake I want to reiterate this should result in a complete wipe of your historic news feed data. Only new items from the time of action forward, should start to populate.

If that’s okay with you, I’ll go ahead.

Good by me, go ahead :+1:. And thank you for the help.

Cheers @OfficialBispo – this is done :white_check_mark:

Hello @nethgato !
I have the same problem. Can you give me some help, please?

Hey there @florinrelea :wave:

I certainly can! Per the same process as above, I would like to reiterate that this is a destructive action. Only news feed items after taking this step will begin to populate, and your historic items will be lost.

If that sounds okay with you, I’ll go ahead and get it sorted.

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I understand and that sounds ok. Thank you so much!

All right @florinrelea – this is done :white_check_mark: