News Feed hasn't been able to load in awhile

Hi there!

For about 2 months now, my activity feed hasn’t loaded. I assumed it would fix itself over time, but still I get “There was an error in loading the activity feed.” whenever I go to the github homepage. I’ve searched all over the forums and haven’t really seen anything about it.

I’ve unfollowing/following people but nothing really seems to solve it.

Any tips that help me remedy the situation?



The same to me.
I have the same problem.

I think it’s this request cause the problem.
It last for a long time, can’t get the request.

I can confirm the same thing my end.

The request for dashboard-feed times out after 10s.

Same for me. 502 on dashboard feed


Same here ( 17/08/2020 ) . Any solutions?

same here…it’s been nearly a couple of weeks now…tried solutions of all sorts…nothing seems to have worked!..any solutions??

Same here

Feed doesn’t load since few weeks now and it’s truly cumbersome
anyone found a solution to this ?

Same here (10/10/2020).
It’s been a couple of weeks now. :frowning: