Newly created workflow template is not showing

per Sharing workflows with your organization I created a shared template in my org

When I go to other repos in the org, its not showing up. Is there anything I’m missing or doing wrong?

So when you get to this step: it isn’t showing?

@kingthorin I notice it works when I create a public repo but not private. Is it by design?

Also if I update the workflow, does it push down to repos that depend on it?

I would have expected it to work for private orgs as well. To be honest I’m not sure. Also for updates (assuming it’s the same as all other org level .GitHub content) then yes it will. Though there may be some dependence on time and branch point (as there is with normal workflows and forks/branches).

I am encountering the same issue as @wobeng. Did you ever find a solution? My first thought is it’s related to the account-level, as I am using the free-tier, but there’s no documentation stating that.

Any update on this issue?


I’m not entirely sure, but it seems the free tier option isn’t allowed.
The first paragraph in the docs for section Creating A Workflow Template:
Sharing workflows with your organization - GitHub Docs

Workflow templates can be created by users with write access to the organization’s .github repository. The templates can then be used by organization members who have permission to create workflows. Workflow templates can be used to create new workflows in an organizations’ public repositories; to use templates to create workflows in private repositories, the organization must be part of an enterprise plan.

I don’t think the free tier works in your case. I’m not 100% on that though. I haven’t tried it out.