Newly created organization and repo doesn't show up in Visual Studio 2017 with GitHub plugin.

I’ve created a new organization to host a repository for a project. My account is already a member of another organization.

In Visual Studio, I can only clone repositories from my personal account and the other organization - the organization I created doesn’t show up. I got around this by using Git desktop to clone the repository and then open it in VS, THEN sync it remotely, but shouldn’t I be able to see the organization directly in the GitHub plugin?


Hi @clairelyclaire I’m guessing that you can’t see the organization you created because of permissions. Go to your organization then navigate to Settings -> Third-party access. What is the default that you see for the access policy? You might need to remove restrictions to get the organization to appear in Visual Studio.

This article also explains more about OAuth App access restrictions:

Let me know how that works.



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That fixed it. Thanks so much!

So I was just documenting this (setting up an org for access from VS), and now I’m not able to see a newly-created organization in Visual Studio via the GitHub plugin, even though I’ve removed application restrictions - the policy for the org shows “No restrictions”.

I still don’t see the organization or its repository in Visual Studio, though.

Okay, NOW it’s showing up. What delay should a user expect when setting this up for the first time?