Newly-created Github Projects no longer have progress bars when automated

I’ve been using Projects for a bit, and the progress bars summarizing how complete each project is have been really useful for me. However, I’ve noticed that they are no longer generated for newly-created projects; old projects appear to still work.

Here’s the last working project I can find (created August 10); here is the first broken project I can find (created October 23).

This seems to have broken, as the above projects indicate, between August 10 and October 23.

Hi @dninemfive, thanks for posting your observation.

The progress bars are no longer enabled by default. In order to show the progress bar for your newest projects and those you make in the future, I recommend enabling the progress bar(s) by going to the menu via the button on the right side of your board and clicking ‘edit’.

Hope that helps.


Thank you! That worked. I would like to point out that this is only available in the edit mode as visible from the top-right of the kanban screen, rather than the Projects overview screen; the only difference between the two seems to be that the progress bar setting is missing from the latter. See the attached screenshots for details.

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That’s true, good catch! I will follow up with the team on why that’s the case and see if we can get it sorted.