Newly added issues with project selected not being added to project board


I’m possibly facing a bug. Right now, if I create an issue with a selected project within an organization’s repository that holds a project, the card is not automatically added on the project. The cards keep the stage “waiting for triage”.

Weirdly, after it is created, if I remove the project and select it again it rightfully goes to “To do”.

Am I the only one with this problem?


Right now, I’ve instructed my team to select the desired project after the issue is created. I hope I can find a solution because we are testing the “One platform fits it all” strategy. I really wish to bring every engineering project in the company to Github which I find the best task management tool for developers in the market right now.


HI @Kelvne, Welcome to the community and thank you for being here! We have had a few reports of this bug over the last couple of days and our engineers are looking into it. I can’t make any promises around specific changes or updates, but please trust that your report is in good hands.


Thank you, Andrea! We’ll keep evaluating this new flow with the team… Since things move really fast within the Github organization, I hope this will eventually solved or maybe be done in another way.

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