Newby looking for vba community, workflow, and automated testing

Hi everyone as this is a welcome category. My name is Chris. I am a business process analyst by trade but found I have a lot of ideas for my own stuff and love to develop code. CP Business Analysis LLC is my own company because I want to explore that love to develop my ideas.

I have multiple VBA projects in excel and outlook VBA. I just did 3 requirements implementations Outlook VBA in GitHub and it worked great for me. Now I want to expand my understanding, do more, make GitHub my go to tool for configuration mgmt. I few things I’m missing are

  1. A VBA community because people like to work with other people . . . birds of a feather
  2. Better automated workflow between the application and the repository
  3. Automated VBA testing

I also have a lot of other VBA ideas as it is a quick environment to just type it up and test as a program but not an application or system. I think a lot of my ideas are marketable and for that, I eventually want to translate them to add-ins or dbms backed production systems. If anyone has experience to help me get started it would be appreciated.