Im new to tech and just joined this community today. I have an idea for a mobile app but no clue where to begin with building it. Can you offer some advice? What program or language do I start learning? Thank you

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Hello there,

Android mobile app

If you want to start developing an Android mobile application, I suggest you to go on Android Developers website. There are a lot of tutorials (here) that can help you start to develop an Android mobile application even if you’ve never done this before. Be aware that to develop an Android mobile application, you will have to learn Kotlinlanguage first (here)

iOS mobile app

If you want to start developing an iOS mobile application, I suggest you to go on Apple Develpers website.

Hybrid solution (for both Android & iOS)

There are also “hybrid” solutions like PhoneGap that can help you build beautiful cross-platform apps using HTML, CSS and Javascript.

I hope this will help you :smiley:


If I were to develop a new mobile app, I’d take a look at NativeScript ( . ) It uses JavaScript, a language that’s dominating in terms of accessibiliy and usage for a number of years now.  It’s quick and easy to get started and to get results you can be satisfied with.

Best advise I could give you is to take a look at example apps that folks have built and understand how they work by taking it apart.  My best learning experience came from tinkering and experimenting to see what worked and what didn’t work.  Often times, understanding what didn’t work is an underappreciated side effect as you journey through software development.

I wish you the best of luck!

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I would recommend getting the book “Supercharged JavaScript Graphics” by Raffaele Cecco, Published by O’Reilly media. The last chapter has some stuff on creating an Android app. Everything else is just JS graphics though…

First of all - HI! In 2d - be ready for part of your own life (1 month+) is called as “studying”, which comin after in “wtf is this” and in last moment comes as “holy, how i hate bugs, this code and any another codes” :smiley:
You got everything before in comments, so i just joked, good lucK :wink:

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Hey! I suggest that you become familiar with basic programming languages like HTML first, so you can get a hang of being a developer, then move into using Git. After that, it might be easier to explore the world of developing and it’s vast languages :slight_smile:

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The first step toward building a mobile app is building a responsive website that looks good and feels good. You can use the basic CSS and HTML for that or if you like React you can use the JSX format.

Basically it all depends on your own. Programming in general may be rather platform-oriented like many others already mentioned or language orientated as well. In first case you are tied up to use a platform specific tools, e.g. java on Android. In second case you may first choose the language and then start thinking of how are you going to run it on the particular device, e.g. you’ve written a python game using a cross-platform library - in this case you’ll face the problem of installing python interpreter itself on your device and configuring it to support needed library. Later you may also face the problem of porting your app to another platform, no matter if mobile or desktop. So it’s all about your own decision. Probably the best way is just start learning how to code in general.