Newbie seeking info on how to perform developer-searches

Hi, I am an attorney who wants to use GitHub as a place for finding suitable developers. I am still learning gitHub and don’t quite grasp the search-engine just yet. I have two immediate needs where my clients willing to $pay, and are using me to screen and process potential developers. So that is part of why I came to GitHub.

  1. Zigbee devices, my clients have development needs where Zigbee products are at the center, and 2) a Bankruptcy-database-search engine, that would combine e.g. Bankruptcy (BK) listings, combine these BK listings with NAICS codes. Both of these are difficult to briefly explain, but I believe developers discuss these types of things somewhere within GitHub.

I also want to learn GitHub anyway, no matter what, for other reasons. I consider GitHub to be a very valuable resource. I would like to first read some discussions and see how people communicate on these issues, I guess in a type of forum-context. I tried looking for this but I kind of spun out of control and branched to somewhere I was not expecting.

If I could just learn the search-interface better, I could at least start doing better searches and asking better questions. I know GitHub is powerful and useful, but I am presently having trouble grasping the syntax. Thanks for your patience.

regards, chris tanner, attorney and developer-scout