Newbie question re best tool for application to import/export data to/from Excel


I am not a coder by profession, I only have basic knowledge of Python, nothing else. I am confident that I can learn the skills I need to create the application we have in mind, however I will have to learn essentially everything from scratch and want to ensure that I am learning the correct things. 

Essentially the application needs to be able to import data from an Excel worksheet, display that data in some sort of basic GUI, you then need to be able to complete a form for each row of imported data, and to then export the completed forms (only the forms, not the imported data) into a template Excel document. 

From my research VBA (which I have no prior experience of!) should have all the tools I need for this, but would appreciate if anyone could confirm or provide insight? 

Hi @mccloud90,

VBA sounds like a good fit here. You could set up a form in VBA, then have that save the responses to a different worksheet in Excel which you could then export.

​If there’s anything else I can help you with, let me know; so happy to help further!

Kindest regards,

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 Hi @matthewheath

Thank you so much for the response, it helps to know that I’m on the right track and learning to use the right tools.

At this stage I’m so utterly clueless that EVERYTHING is a question, therefore I will save any further queries for when I have developed my own understanding, I can’t expect the folks on GitHub to do all the work for me  :wink: 

I am completing some online tutorials before I begin working on the application, no doubt I will create a new thread with some more specific questions in a couple of weeks. Would you mind if I tagged you in it if/when I do? 

Thanks again Matthew.

Sure, happy to be tagged although to be super clear I don’t have a tonne of professional experience in VBA directly (although I do in other programming languages, such as Ruby), I’ve simply used it for similar purposes in the past.