Newbie Question - One Repository or Many, Many Repositories?

Hi, I’m somewhat new to GitHub in terms of managing my own repository. I inheirted a 1.6 GB Visual SourceSafe repository of VB6 and .Net projects. I found a great tool (Vss2Git) to convert the repository to Git and managed to upload it to a single, private repository on GitHub.

My question is since I’m keeping the vast majority of the solutions in the repository for posterity’s sake, is there any issue with having them all in a single repository? If I have to make a change to an individual solution, I’d have to clone the entire repository to a local machine, right?  But if I were to create separate repositories, is there a way to have GitHub do that in an automated fashion. (I’m more of a GUI guy than a command line guy). In VSS, the developers grouped solutions into directories based on the client; is there a way to replicate that structure with individual repositories?

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If I personally inherited this project, I would separate each project into their own repositories. In the past, I would_'ve_ said that branches would work, but with branches, you would run into the problem of having to consistently move each separate project in and out of a master folder to push to a single branch; that’s not worth it.

As for if there’s an automated way of performing this,  I am not sure. There might be a tool that is capable of doing this (maybe even  Git Bash ), but I wouldn’t know personally. Hope this all helps!