[NEWBIE QUESTION] Getting a Parser Error in my Solidity Code

Hi all! So I’m trying to write a Smart Contract and I seem to be getting a Parser error in my code. What could I be doing wrong?

//Compiler Version
pragma solidity ^0.4.21;

//Smart Contract Interface
interface Regulator {
function CheckValue(uint amount) returns (bool);
function loan() returns (bool);


//Smart Contract Shell
contract Bank is Regulator {
uint private value;

function Bank(uint amount) {
value = amount;

function deposit(uint amount) {
value =+ amount;
function withdraw(uint amount) {
value = amount;
function balance() returns (uint) {
return value;

function loan() returns (bool) {
return value > 0;

function checkValue() returns (bool) {
if (checkValue(amount)) {
value >= amount;


//v Parser Error is here! v

contract MyFirstContract is Bank(10) {

string private name;
uint private age;

function setName(string newName) {
name = newName;
function getName() returns (string) {
return name;
function setAge(uint newAge) {
age = newAge;
function getAge() returns (uint) {
return age;


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