Newbie: Publish a link to my repository


New to Github, hobbiest programmer. Pretty sure I’ve missed the obvious. I’m unsure of the correct lingo.

I’m trying to create (publich?) a URL to my file Wards.htm.

I created a repository in which I placed an html with associated data file:

I followed these instructions:

Getting Started with GitHub Pages

 Which created a page

But how do I link to Wards.html in my other other reposistory? Is there a web guide I missed?

An example of what I want to achieve:

Hope you can point me in the right direction.

Hi @davef63,

To be able to view the Wards.html file as a website, the repository that it is in also needs to be enabled with GitHub Pages. Then you can link to that rendered file like you would in a normal website. Is that what you’re looking for? If not, could you please provide some additional context with how these two repositories are related and what you’re wanting to accomplish?


Hi @that-pat

Thanks for the reply. This screen shot, from the Settings of my Wards repository say it’s published. Is this what you mean by ‘enabled’?

The link displays the readme.

I’ve followed three guides/helps & they display either the readme, a theme, or, well, one claimed to be a ‘Hello World’ but just mentioned Branches & Commits.

Hi @davef63,

Because of how you have your directories nested in the Wards repository, I think the website you’re looking for is If you would like this to be, you need to move the index file into the root directory.

Does that help?