Newbie Please Help

Hello I am brand new (3-4 days) and I need a step by step help Please. I am trying to build or run a repository listed here on GitHub but substituding my own options instead.

It is the GitHub - usetech-llc/substrapunks: Substrate based remake of CryptoPunks game that I am trying to use with my changed input (nose, ears, face, eyes, etc.)

This is java and I have been trying for several days to figure out how to even run code or build a package or what must I do to start this code?

Thanks in advance hopefully this makes sense -Newbie

One more thing, I am using a Mac

Well, for starters, this isn’t Java, it’s Javascript.

The “Hacking” section tells you how to run it, and mentions you need to install NodeJS 12 first.

Frankly, I’m not sure this is possible - the readme in the repo has dead links to apparently required components, e.g. the “NFT Chain node”. And the owners aren’t responding to issues.

You might try contacting the owners via the listed website.

Got it. I did see the dead links… I appreciate you looking into this. Thanks for the help

Hey fire-eggs,

I have been attempting from here with ruby. I installed ruby but i think i messed up the path because it says ruby 2.6 in terminal but I installed the latest 3.0.

Do these look possible?
Much Thanks

I’m sorry, I know nothing about ruby …