Newbie need help

Hi guys, i’m a newbie here and i need your help.

I need to use this app:

In the usage it says to use this command line: 

kobackupdec.exe password backup_path dest_path

 I don’t have the .exe file, so how can i create it from the code? thanks  

Hi @cladtapestry,

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I think you need to compile the source of that code. Did you try use the c# compiler? I’m not an expert of this language, but I think is called csc.exe in some directory of your pc. I have done some research and this is the link I found on the internet

  1. how to programmatically compile code using c compiler on microsoft support
  2. Compile C# with CodeDom on youtube
  3. create an exe file of application using c compiler on microsoft forum

Try one of them and if not works we will find another solution!


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