Newbie Me

I need serious help, I am working on the Udacity scholarhip challenge, just started Lesson 3, Make all Headlines and I am totally freaking out because at one point. I couldn’t get the Udacity Feedback to respond.  However, I did finally get my test results uploaded from Notepad++, but it came with this error from 'are you trying to use ‘’ in a RegEx? Try using \ instead.

Now if I knew what I was doing that message would be great in fixing that particular problem, but I don’t know what I am doing, I have only gotten this far in the last 30 minutes, I have been working on this same question for over 24 hours. I was able to go to the next quiz, but why start that quiz when I don’t know what I am doing with this quiz? I need to know the exact mechanics of what I should be doing, I have checked everything in the Udacity Feedback, I enable all URLs; I allow the second box now what, this is frustrating. I need help please


I don’t really understand your question, but I might have an idea.

For example, in programming to tell the computer that there should be a new line in for example a string, you could use  \n. There are more “special characters”, like  \r . So a backslash ( * ) indicates that you are defining a special character. However, if you just want to use a backslash in, for example, a RegEx (so you do * not want to define a special character) you can’t just put a single backslash - the computer then thinks you are  going to define a special character. That is why when you want to just use one backslash, we type in  twobackslashes - to let the computer know that we aren’t defining any special character - just a normal, single, backslash. And also: if we want two backslashes (\), we need to type in four (\\**).

So go over your code and see if you use any backslashes (for example, it sometimes happens to me when handling Windows file paths, which do use backslashes) and try replacing all single backslashes with double ones.

Again, I didn’t really understand the question so if the answer isn’t helpful please consider clarifying the question a bit.