Newbie looking for help with github pages

Hello everybody!

I would like to understand what am I doing wrong here
Locally the website is working just fine, but on github only the html is shown apparently. I have been studying this matter since a week so I really can’t understand what the issue is :smiley:

Thanks in advance!

How did you test your website. Please keep in mind that GitHub Pages is only designed for static pages.

Based on what I saw, looks like you’re missing a few of your stylesheets, hence it would not work. Perhaps you forgot to do git add?

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Mmh I’ll explain what I did from the very beginning.
I’ve downladed a template from colorlib, worked on that on Atom and then followed these instructions
The outcome is what you see.

Can you share the template you used? I think I’ll try to reproduce it.

I’ve solved the issue :slight_smile: anyway this is the template