Newbie cant get code from my repo to github using git deskop or web interface

Im very new to git and struggling with immense complexity.
Rightly or wrongly I decided to create a repo on github, then on cpanel-github I “mirrored” (probably the wrong word) that so that the physical flder is the one in which the website runs.
Im hoping I can push/pull whatever the correct action is from desktop tool or netbeans up to gihub which will result in cpanel repository refreshig its files form github and the site becoming updated.
I dont mind having to intervene if it cant be automted, I just want some sort of workable process for depolyment.

Right now I have my files in a local empty repo. Its set up with the url of the github repo of same name.

Now: How do I make it get or accept the fiels currently on my desktop into the github repo?

Thanks in advance.
Sorry if it sounds confusing, but I haven’t mastered the terminology yet.

I’m not sure if I understand the process correctly, but I think what you want is:

  • Work on files locally
  • Get them to Github
  • Have them deployed to somewhere else

Locally, you’ll have to commit (create an entry in the git history), and then push that to Github.

The deployment step will depend on how that “cpanel” thing works. Your description kind of sounds like it’s a web host? If they have some sort of integration you could use that (“cpanel-github” kind of sounds like that, but I’m not familiar with it), otherwise you could look into using Github Actions to automate deployment yourself.

For an introduction to git terms, concepts, and how to work with it I recommend the Git Book (all online):