Newbe question about repositories

I’ve read about it and I somehow still don’t get it. So … here it goes.

In VSCode I have a workspace which contains 3 folders, but only 1 gets noted by Source Control which makes me wonder if that is due the way I set it up.

I now think that
a github repository equals a specific directory in my workspace (and it’s subdirectories).

And is it correct that state that:
if I want the other directories to be ‘synced’ to github I should create 2 more repositories or move those folders into the other (already set up) folder?

Trying to get the whole picture here.

That depends on if (or how) the code in those directories is connected. It’s generally good practice to keep code for one project in one repository.

Note that Git doesn’t sync anything. You need to explicitly commit and push the things you want to be on Github.