New user invitation button is white text on white background

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Hi! We’ve recently invited new users to our organization. Both received their invitation in Outlook 365 for the Web, where the invitation text is white on a white background. This caused… confusion.

When forwarded to me (Outlook 365 client) the background is ever so slightly grey, as you can see from the screen cap above. (Why grey? That’s unclear, but I’ve noticed the Outlook will sometimes recolour forwarded HTML email backgrounds on the recipient’s machine.) The link text is barely visible to me, even though I know it’s there. On our new users’ screens, it’s white on white - completely invisible.

Yes, there’s a “if the button doesn’t work” link at the bottom of the email, but two new users missed it (both smart and with experienced GitHub) because the invitation was unusably coloured.

What controls the colouring? Was it a setting for our organization? This seems recent, and no one else has complained about it to me. Not a whole lot of Google search results on the problem either (i.e. zero), so I’m inclined to think this is an organization-level setting.

Thanks for any pointers!

:wave: Welcome!

I haven’t seen this before! The invitation emails aren’t customisable, so it’s nothing you’ve done on GitHub at least! It might be worth reaching out to Outlook support.

Sorry we couldn’t be more help here.

Thanks for the suggestion. I suspect that might be a while to resolution, so I’ll make a point of being really clear with new users in my own welcome email. :slight_smile:

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