New (undocumented) Wiki feature?

I was recently checking out a wiki and when I looked at some of the images it uses did I notice two things:

  1. The image was stored under
  2. The image - while being a png - was animated.

While the 2nd one might not be that interesting (Animated png are a thing after all) did the first one peek my interest, as you usually have images saved on your personal name and as a random hash or similar.
So I quickly forked the wiki to take a look at what is going on here and I was surprised to see, that the wiki apparently has a images folder which contained the images used in the wiki.

Is this a undocumented thing? Can you apparently have folders inside your wiki that may contain files? I am aware, that a wiki is essentially just another repository, which is hosted inside your repository and has some more wiki-focused stuff, but would it be theoretically possible to have pages inside folders on the wiki?
Are there any more feature I didn’t know of that are documented somewhere?

Hi @andre601! :wave:

I don’t know that this is an undocumented feature, is it? And I’m not sure how new it is!

Details about adding images to wikis are documented here:

As you can see, adding the image files to a folder and linking to them is one of the options.

A lot of people find it easier to not use this feature, though, and perhaps that’s where the confusion is coming from? A really common workaround is, while editing a wiki, to have an issue open in a different tab. When you want to add an image to the wiki you switch to the issue tab, drag and drop the image into a comment (which will upload it to the personal name / random hash URL you mentioned) and then copy that markdown and paste it into the wiki.

As for keeping your wiki pages organized in folders - sure, you can do that, and link to them in the usual way!

I don’t thiiiiink there are any major undocumented wiki features, but I’d love for any knowledgeable community members to prove me wrong! :laughing:

The feature you linked only explains how to add wiki pages through URLs, not trough a relative path.
I explicitly mentioned that the wiki in question has a separate folder for images and links to those in relative links.
The docs never mention that you could have folders to sort pages and have images in them that aren’t visible in the navigation.

Hi @andre601 - I don’t see any mention of relative links in your OP - sorry, didn’t realize it was the relative aspect of the linking you were talking about.

The docs I gave you are about linking to images, and while it doesn’t explicitly talk about keeping the images in a folder… …is that not expected behavior? You can link to them if they’re in the root, you can link to them if you put them in a folder?

You know that wikis act like repos, so if you clone them locally (rather than create and edit them through the UI) then you can structure them however you want, and link to pages and images wherever you put them.

I can pass on feedback to the docs team that you think that should be mentioned explicitly, if you like?