New to Programming and Github, How can I pursue in coding world?

Hi Everyone!

I’m Jessica O’Neill, working as a Marketing Manager at a Software Solutions related company, where I see programmers everywhere. So, I gradually get interested in learning to code. Someone suggested me to connect with fellow minds people and use Github to kickstart.

I’d like to ask as I’m totally new to coding world, how and where to make a start? What should I be learning first? In simple words, I need a path to follow to become like the most of you (coders). Your help will be very appreciated. Thank you in advance.

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There are so many ways to start!

For learning how to use GitHub, I would suggest learning labs and guides as a great option

For learning a programming language, you first need to pick a programming language!  If you have a friend or coworker who would be willing to mentor you in your journey, then I would ask them to suggest a language that they use and then google that language and “tutorial” and get started with something free online.

If I were that friend, I’d suggest Python and tell you to start with  :slight_smile:

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I suggest the first question is “what do you want to do?” The answer to that could help guide you to what direction you want to go.  Web pages? Mobile apps? Devices? Internet-of-things? Other types of programs?

Python, as suggested, is a good “easy” language to start learning with. But it might be a waste of time if you want to create web pages [where HTML, CSS, and Javascript might be better to learn]. 

You know best how you prefer to learn - take an online course? buy a book and read / program on your own? Hire a tutor? Take a physical class (local college, or bootcamp academy)?

Can you talk to any of the programmers associated to your company?

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I am also trying for same. kindly guide me. 

Before know how to use git, you need to learn a programming language, the language easiest that is used in IT school for the first language is C.

When you learn a language then it’s easiest learn the others, because the logic is always the same, just the syntax is different. I stuided programming language in different way, but the useful, completely and clear method was from the book(university book are reccommended because they are more clear and specific), more people think that university book are more difficult from the other. This is very wrong!

Other books are maybe more small, and they skip more arguments but the most important think is that people that write them are not professors and they are not clear.

With the book I suggest to follow also a course in using the book for the principal resource.

I hope to be useful. Good luck