New to MySQL/GitHub -- can't connect to local server.

Hi there, I’m a journalist that’s in the process of teaching myself SQL using the MySQL software. I’ve seen some posts to address this issues, but I honestly don’t have the knowledge to apply most of the supposed fixes, and the ones I have tried don’t work. 

I downloaded the most recent version of MySQL workbench, where I was able to connect to my local server using the default settings given to me when starting it up. Everything was working fine, but once I closed the workbench application once, my server went offline and I’m unable to connect. When I try to do this manually using the command prompt, it says “access denied.” When I try to connect to the server in the workbench, I get the “Bad handshake 1043” error. 

I’m hoping someone can give me fixes in layman’s terms, as I honestly have little-to-no idea what I’m doing but would like to begin teaching myself SQL.

Thank you in advance.

Just to clarify: By default settings, I mean: 

Port: 3306

If your server “went offline”, then it is possible you cannot connect because the server is not running.

From what I can google, MySql Workbench has a “Startup / Shutdown” section/menu/function. Go to that and it may show you the server status, and perhaps you can start it up there as well.

There are terminal/command-prompt actions available to start the server as well, but they are operating system specific and you didn’t mention which o/s you’re running …