New To GitHub Community

Hello Everyone,

I am new to GitHub and just starting out on my coding journey. Honestly, it feels like my first day at school but I hope to learn more from experienced members and would also love to contribute/share relevant suggestions/solutions as time runs. Always ready to learn and would appreciate any shared knowledge and tutoring if offered.

Feels really amazing!!!

if you know Stack Overflow, it’s just like that, the difference is that there are GitHub moderators here and most questions are about GitHub,

this is an online forum, so you just leave your posts here, so that experts can answer,

you can start learning GitHub here, it’s hands-on

GitHub is a central space for developers to collaborate. It was based from Git. Git is for tracking changes, because in coding, it’s really that important, even a single line, but can be used for any other plaintext format. Even non-code is being built here on GitHub, like manuals and even a book.