New to GitHub and no programming experience

Hello!! Im new to GitHub and no programming experience. I need to download and install in my Mac mini, Big Sur an SDRPlay Dump1090 program. but I don’t know how to download it and install it. Please guide me on how to do this!!!

:wave: Welcome!

If you’re looking for help with a project that is hosted on GitHub, typically you’ll find instructions on the main repository page - if it just looks like a bunch of files, keep scrolling and you’ll find a README file.

If you have questions about their project, you’ll want to open an issue in their repository, or follow whatever instructions they have for contacting them.

What I’m confused it’s what steps I need to take to be able to install that program. For what I understand it’s that program needs to be compiled. I followed the steps but I get errors that the operant or program or that argument used it’s not presentI or not the correct one. Mind you, I’m not a programmer. The instructions are a bit confusing.