New to git need help with unity and merge conflicts

Hi all

I am a very new git user trying to use git to collaborate on a unity project with my friend.
I have never had merge conflicts before and I have no idea how to resolve them, especially because it’s unity and half the files are formats i dont even recognise.
If anyone could maybe contact me and walk me through it I would really appreciate it
let me know if u think u might be able to help

Hi @jhunji17, it would be helpful to know how you are accessing git with your Unity project.
For now, please check out this helpful YouTube video.

You may also find this GitHub Help doc about Merge Conflicts useful.
Resolving a Merge Conflict Using the Command Line

Finally, here’s a link to another Community topic on using GitHub with Unity.
GitHub and Unity
I hope this helps gets you going. Perhaps other users in the community can provide further direction.