New to everything!

Hi All, 

I am new to programming and new to Github.

I have little knowledge of HTML etc. 

I have purchased lots of tutorials on UDEMY and to help me along the way. 

I have also found this forum for my bookmarks. 

I want to create a warehouse inventory system for my logistics company. 

I was wondering how github worked, is there a way I can clone someone elses project and learn from that / amend and add over time. 

I have downloaded ATOM to my desktop and also have sights on downloading PYTHON & DJANGO. 

I would appreciate some guidance of what I need to do.

thank you 


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Ok, i try to answer to you with this list:

  1. how to learn github:
  1. how to understand github workflow:
  1. how to improve your skills with python, git and github:
  • simply search on github a repository you may like, fork, develop something new on it and than pull request
  • create a new repository of your own and share
  1. for python and django you can find a lot of courses, online documentations and even on books
  2. The last but not the least: never stop studing

If you want to ask something else, do it :slight_smile:


thank you Wabri, this is my bookmark!

thank you so much! 


Keep at it!

Programming takes dedication and a lot of time, but the end results are worth it. It is also a lifelong learning experience.