New project with new way to sign up ?

Hi there …

I have an idea for new project in IOS Swift ( XCODE ) , But it requires two type of users for example :

1- admins ( they will have to be subscribe monthly and pay by visa or what ever and upload some pic (like airbnb) , then they have to be validated and waiting for approval  to use the app.

2-users ( they will have to sign up normally and just watch the admins posts and favorite them ).

I know how to program normal sign up and link it with firebase , But this idea I couldn’t find any thing on web.

I will appreciate the help.


How about just having a  user table in the database and adding a  admin column that determines if the user should be an admin?

That will not work , because the users and the admins each of them have different type of sign up method for example the user will just add there Email and password , But the admins will have to add first name and last name and Email and uploading some Doc’s and finally the payment method.

So I cant validate every user and determine if its user or an admin.

However , I thought about a solution that I will make the sign up button to send an Email to me and I will validate them and add them manually to the database.

what do you think about this solution ? if you have better way I’m open to suggestions.


Manually adding them to a database might be a quick fix for now, but isn’t a sustainable solution in the long run. Since you are building the app right now I would suggest you to build it the right way the first time, since changing these basic things is quite tricky after your app is done.

If there are so many differences between the admin and the user, why not create 2 seperate database tables then? This would allow you to let the people who sign up as an admin fill in the fields accordingly to the admin  table and let the people who sing up as a user fill in the fields accordingly to the user  table.

That what I thought at first is having two databases like rider and driver in Uber app , But I don’t know how to make the admins is disabled at the beginnings , they already be activated, that’s my problem.

I need a way to make the admins disabled at first until I validate there info first then I activate them if every thing is right.

Well to achieve that you might want to create a  activation_token and  activated  column in the  admin  table. Upon sign-up an admin fills in their info and the server automatically creates an activation token for the admin and sets the  activated column to  false. Then the server mails you the new admin details and, after you made sure everything is OK, there is a link in the mail that leads to, for example, this:<insert the  activation_token here>/ and if you click that link the server sets the  activated column to true and the admin can log in and do everything.

However, that is just one way to go about it. There are also a million other ways you can do this - use what you like.