New Project on Tribal Archival Content Preservation and Digitization

I’m just beginning python data analysis, data science, and web development. I want to get into software development, maybe. As a researcher on these topics which are the more difficult to start out learning?

I was interested in a project involving digitizing content from a tribal museum and archive. As a digital archivist I would be responsible for web development and making the cultural digital archive accessible to the public, and the public (tribal citizens) would be able to comment on the content and request changes to an administrator. The citizens maybe able to access the archive via mobile application later down the line?

I guess my question is which would be a better route to take. (1) use an already existing company that provides a program to include the website and everything. Or, (2) find a another program that allows me to use github and my own website development knowledge to create it the way I want. Or, (3) find an existing program company that I can use as well as make changes via Github.

I’m guessing github is more for program/software development and not simple webpage development? Should I start out with webpage design development before trying to tackle software programming and data science? Basically as an entry worker, I would feel comfortable just being responsible for the webpage development and have a separate company provide the storage access via cloud or how ever is better. I’m really not sure the best way to approach this.

I think there are multiple things mixed here: what an archive website should do, how to best build such a site, and the best learning path for you.

What the archive website should be doing is more an educational and social question, and less a technical one. Consider the kinds of material you have, how they should be combined, relevant social contexts, how you expect people to interact… Those and other questions determine the features you need.

When you have an idea of what features you need, a good approach is usually to look for Open Source software that might do what you need, or at least close enough that you can adapt or extend it. Maybe a static site generator, a sort of blogging platform, or a wiki? Whether you set that up and make any adjustments yourself or hire someone is in practice often a question of whether you have more time or money to spend. :wink:

The best learning path for you depends a lot on what you want. In my experience working on an actual project that you want to do really well is an excellent way to learn. So if this archive website project sounds interesting to you, it’s probably a good way to start. Ideally find a mentor (or multiple) with experience on the topic, someone who can help you if you get stuck, and review your work (especially with a view on security!). Good luck! :smile_cat: