New Project (Information Network Platform) - Thinking About Open Sourcing Project on GitHub

Hi Github Community,

In 2014 I started a web-based project to develop an alternative information network platform to the centralized search engines and social media sites.

General Design Features:

  • subject focused information network.

  • includes a geographical navigator (community navigator) that facilitates navigation from region to region as well as access to local community information resources.

  • built on a distributive framework that adheres to a design standard and that allows decentralized information contributions based on local region, community, etc. 

Reasons for Considering Open Source:

  • large collaboration project.

  • expertise is required to update standard information network interface and provide a decentralized system to manage information.

  • new ideas.


  • moving the project in the direction that it was originally envisioned.

  • ensuring the project adheres to the standards required for full functionality.

  • project shifting from a decentralization collaboration project to a centralized system (current internet model).

Today, I would like to open a discussion on what this project could look like as an open source project on GitHub.

Note: There is a live pilot subject-based information network project on the internet. It consists of four websites (4 regions) and allows users to navigate to over 200 communities with a baseline of community information resources. I can provide a link to ramp on the information network if there is any interest. Though I would like to include some text to provide the logic of its operation and development. 


Your first two concerns are covered by the same answer: just because something is open source, doesn’t mean that you give up editorial control. If it is your project, you decide what pull requests to merge. You decide what standards to enforce and what standards can be more relaxed. Sure, someone can come along and fork your project and do whatever they want with it … but that’s their project (or, more pedantically, their envisioning of your project). Your project still moves in the general direction you decide. You’ll find that some people will agree with your vision and some won’t. Some will have their own vision and go a different direction. But that’s what makes open source great, everyone’s different visions and motivations fractally test the idea space and, in theory, the best solution wins out.

As to your final concern, that’s not really an open-source-or-not question (other than the “editorial control” component answered above). There are benefits and costs to the decentralized model. Decentralized systems are resilient to change but because of this they are also more fluid and less stable over time. In order for a decentralized system to work over time, one has to maintain the membership and consensus of that membership within the system. But that’s a general people problem :grinning:

I do feel the need to point out though, if decentralization is a general benefit to your designed system, shouldn’t it also be for the development process of that system? And if the answer is yes, then isn’t open source the more decentralized model than the closed source process you’ve been using up until this point?

I hope that helps and let me know if you have questions.


Good post. The open source model looks very interesting from a community contribution and decentralization point of view. The information network being subject based lends itself to the forking process of GitHub thus allowing the ability to create new subject based information networks quickly. Moving forward, I will need to take a closer look at the Open Source Guides provided by GitHub. I hope to launch soon but can’t confirmed a date.
For those in the community that are interested in viewing the platform you can ramp on the network at,,, or In the previous text I mentioned the project to be a pilot project but in real terms it is an early stage proof of concept prototype.



Update: 2019-07-07
Pre-launch Information:
Project Name: Community Infostructure™

Repository: Community-Infostructure (Currently Empty)

Website / Social Media: Accounts Created (Will Release Info later)
Started moving the project closer to launch. Hoping to have some time to look at the various Open Licenses this week. Future prelaunch information for this project will be in the same forum section but under the topic Community Infostructure™.
For those who may be interested in jumping onboard when the project launches, in the next post I’ll provide some background information on the project, coding overview, scope of work, etc.


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