New programmer attempting to use taxize, data.table, and a for loop - R version 3.6.3

Hello all! I am new to programming with R. I have a CSV of 245 vascular plant species scientific names, infraspecific ranks and epithets, authorities (these all combined in “Full Name”), and other floristic data. With the code below, I am trying to spellcheck my names with taxize::gnr_resolve(), and then store the rows with a low “score” in “miss” (these being the names that I may have spelled incorrectly or left out an epithet for.

However, each time I attempt to print miss, I get the following message: Error: no function to return from, jumping to top level

Printing miss shows that it is completely empty: Null data.table (0 rows and 0 cols)

Here is my code:
flora <- fread(“D:/R Projects/flora/data/2020-10-23_flora - List Copy.csv”)
names <- flora$Full Name

Check spelling of scientific names.

check <- gnr_resolve(sci = names, data_source_ids = 3, best_match_only = TRUE) ## “3” queries ITIS

Names in “check” for which attributes are unknown listed in structure

check <- setDT(check, keep.rownames = TRUE) ## Coerce data frame to data table
score <- check$score
miss <- data.table()
for(i in nrow(check)) {
if(score[i] < 0.988) {
miss <- rbind(miss, check[i, ])

Any advice you may have would be much appreciated! Thank you!

Also new to the formatting rules. The two bolded subtitles were intended to be shown as notes among the block of code.