New Notifications Screen Suggession

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I don’t know where to exactly post this and please do point me if there’s any repo or somewhere I can post this suggestion.

I like the new notifications screen (instead of going through emails) for managing notifications. But there’s one problem that I never want to migrate to this. When I get emails; I just quickly skim through the email to see if there’s anything relevant that I should do or act upon related to the issue/PR in question. However in the case of the notifications screen I can only see the title of the Issue/PR. I have to click on it and then open a new tab and read it and close it and then mark the issue/pr as read or delete it (or whatever I do with it).

I would suggest that it would be quite handy to have a side pane or something just link in the projects pane, where when you click on the title the body or the updated part of the issue appears. That way rather than moving between browser tabs, users can quickly go through their notifications.


Hi @sudharakap!

Thanks for this recommendation! You can submit suggestions to our product team directly by using our product feedback form.


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Wonderful. I’ve submitted using the product feedback from.

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