New notifications interface only shows top 25 repositories with notifications

The new notifications UI that was launched a few weeks ago limits the number of repos on the left hand side bar to 25. This is a regression from the old behavior and encourges users to reduce the number of repos that they are watching.

For example, I have quite a few high-volume repos that I’m watching, but I’m not actively engaged in most of the notifications. In the old interface I would generally scan these for items of interest when I have spare time and then toggle them all as read.

In the new interface, I’m forced to constantly review notifications from these high-volume repos and mark them read immediately or else the repos with lower notification volume don’t show up at all (because they only have a few notifications and I have more than 25 watched repos with high volume).

The lower volume repos are typically the ones that I’m actively interested in on a regular basis and the new UI makes it more difficult to track them.

How can I increase the number of repos that show up on the left hand side?

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Hi @aloucks,

Thanks for being here and for taking the time to provide this feedback.  I wish I had better news at the moment we don’t offer a way to clear or customize the repository listings, but I will submit this as a feature request to the team.

While we can’t promise that your feature request will be offered in the future, your request is in the right place.


This is a feature that definitely needs to come back :sweat_smile:

Just a simple view that wraps up all notifications per repo in one overview with sorting on for e.g. Most Active.