(NEW) Live-Preview of GitHub files (.PHP, .Ruby, .Python ...) !!!

I wanted to share a new tool to execute & preview one-file github hosted scripts easily.  To preview them, just add the word RunFor:

HTML files:




PHP Files:




&  also RUBY, PYTHON…etc supported.

works for GIST and RAW file types too. I think it’s more useful and easier than currently available other tools. Just Replace the domain with:





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Hi @ttodua

Thanks for sharing your tool with us! Do you have the sourcecode available to view in a public repository? If you do, feel free to post a link to that repository as that will probably help people trust your tool more. If nothing else, I’m sure that people will be interested in seeing how it works too.

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Unfortunately that is not an open-source project. If there is any interested party to purchase the project, they should contact through website.

Hi @ttodua,

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