New Issues Not Being Auto-Added to Project Board


  1. Go to and click install
  2. Make a note in your project (i.e in “To do” column)
###### Automation Rules

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- `new_issue`
- `unassigned_issue`

And voila! When you add a new issue, your project gets added.

Just add this app to github core and close thread :smiley:


New Issues Not Being Auto-Added to Project Board

Please note that this solution will cause all new issues to be automatically added to the Project board. This can be confusing in cases where there are multiple Project boards.

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Hi, Is there a way to configure which project the issues get added to? For example, if there is a Github project board that is not within the repository itself.

@angelatan2 Not to my knowledge. There is a feature request for Github to support Projects in the issue template: Feature Request: Allow to add projects to the issue template

Big +1 for this idea.

We are trying to switch from another (paid) online board to using a GitHub project. We have two repos in the project. It would be really nice to have the ability to Default every new issue in both repos to initially land in a particular Project board.

The board is a beautiful place to see your overall workflow.

Using this too, thanks for posting.

We ended up using srggrs/assign-one-project-github-action to handle this and it works very nicely!


I’d like this too, it’s pretty cumbersome to have to remember to add every single issue or PR into a project.

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+1 To the Proposal. One option could be, in the settings of a Repo, be able to select the default behaviour for every single issue created for that repo: Add it to the Project you choose.