New Issues Not Being Auto-Added to Project Board

Chiming in to say no auto-adding issues/PRs is my biggest blocker to wanting to use GH Projects as our team’s primary PM tool. We’ve been using but they’ve announced shutdown, so we’re looking at alternatives.

Echoing what @deepakmahakale said, one relatively simple implementation would be to allow issue/PR templates to set the project – you can already set other metadata this way, so this seems like a natural thing to allow. Beyond implementing the auto-add-to-project feature everyone here is asking for, setting the project in a template seems like an obvious thing template users would want more generally.




Any updates on auto-addding new issues/PRs to projects, is this actively being worked on? I was initially really confused that the option to “Move all newly added issues and pull request here” does not actually do what it says.

The naming “project” for a “board” is also a bit confusing, since a lot people refer to a “repository” on GH as a “GitHub project” (and that aids in misunderstand what is meant by “when an issue is added to a project”).



This is literally how i assumed it would work and what i assume most github repos are used like (since they usually represent one project anyways!)

Any updates? 

Thanks GitHub!


I spent some time trying to get this to work as expected, reading documentation and experimenting. I then searched and found this topic. I appreciate that github developers have constraints on their effort so may not implement every feature request promptly but this is continuing to confuse and frustrate users. May I make a request that, until this feature be implemented, the documentation be updated to describe the workflow more clearly. I like many others believed that new issues created in linked repositories would be added to the project via the configured automation. It would be a fairly simple and fast task to update the documentation to explain that this does not happen.

Further, one may consider the “Add cards” view as the triage view (in lieu of automation not working as expected), i.e. one may filter the “Add cards” to show issues from linked repositories which are not yet added to the project. This makes the “Add cards” list the equivillent to the triage list, i.e. everything reported that is not yet tasked. This was not evident until at least one reprository was added to the project so may also need to be documented.

(Using the “Add cards” list for triage would be more intuitive if it could be moved to the left side (for left to right users).)


Strong +1 for this. For our team this is the dealbreaker to use Github Projects as our PM tool and replace other tools such as browser extensions on top of Github Issues.
Please prioritize this or at least bulk adding issues to a project.


Can we unsolve this message? The description is clearly explaining a different expectation for how Project Issue automation should work. I would love to have issues automatically added to a project on creation.


Hi any idea if this feature is available yet or not ?

Can we unsolve this? Selecting a project on an issue is a workaround and is the opposite of expected automation.

What the OP and everyone responding are intuitively expecting is the following:

* Testers can open issues.

* Issues will automatically be added to a project column, e.g. “to do” or “backlog”

* Developers don’t have to manually add all issues but can just browse through the designated column and triage.


Hi everyone!

Except for new issues not being auto added to a project board I have other things which drive me crazy when it comes to project view. Please see my concerns below:

  1. When would it be possible to collectively add issues to a certain project? By this I mean situation like this: I tick a couple of issues and add all of them to project. Now everytime I want to add couple of issues to the project I have to open each end every issue, one by one, to make it happen. It’s super not user friendly and because of that it’s harder to monitor project’s progress. 
  2. When all new issues I create will be automatically added to a certain project? 

I wish it can be taken care of pretty soon because most of us (either devs or PMs) are struggling with such little aspects which make our lives harder. Wouldn’t it be better to work smarter not harder? :slight_smile:


+1 for this thing.

is there any life sign on the status of this?

Yes another +1 for this.

This is just one in a long list of things that annoy me about how many times you have to click in github to do anything (another being that there is no way to directly create an issue from the project board view - so annoying)!

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Yet another +1, hoping that this will get some attention.

I would like to have

  • new issue automatically added in a given project
  • move issues to “in progress” when assigned (or anther collumn, based on your automation settings)
  • create issue and add tags directly from the dashboard (lower priority)

This should be the default.


I too would love to see this function as everybody else is dreaming of.  It would make the project tool so much more useful for us.


Our team consistently has problems “losing” issues. We would very much benefit from this feature. Thanks!


This feature should be a given. Please implement it. You already have default labels for issue templates. Why not default projects?


As a workaround, webhooks or github actions can be used.

Here is an example action which will add any opened issues to a project on the repo (Although with about 10-15 seconds of delay):

The delay can be mitigated by running a self-hosted webhook listener.


Another upvote here. It makes perfect sense for all repositories assigned to a project to have that project as the default when reporting a new issue.

/edit @nadiajoyce is this the way to get this under the attention of the relevant people, or would mentioning it here be similar in effectiveness as telling it to my grandmother? :wink: just checking :) 


I don’t think that this is a good solution since it relies on a manual step every time an issue is created. The feature we would find most helpful is a setting for issues created in a specific repo to be added automatically to a Project, without a manual step.


Any updates on this?