New issue template-system?

Recently did I create an issue on a repository and I noticed that their issue template was completely new and awesome looking (With dropdown menu, text fields and all that).
I was really hyped to see such a thing to finally be a reality, but it seems to currently be only early alpha/beta?

Is there any chance to land on a waitlist to use it? I participate in some repository that could really use this feature, as a lot of people constantly ignore the templates we have and instead just paste their large errors into the text field, wasting our time in the process.

If needed could I provide some info about where it would be used and for what exactly.

Also, my assumption of it being early alpha comes from the fact, that the public roadmap doesn’t seem to mention anything about it… Either that or I’m bad at searching. Both things are possible.

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Link to the repo where you saw this?

That’s just an issue template picker. All repos can already do that. Plus they’ve supplemented it with discussions (which is in beta, but you can turn it on per repo).

Oh they’ve also highly customized their “report a bug” template:

As far as I know this is available for all repos.

From my experience is it not available for all repos.
The usual system of an issue template uses an MD file that is then put into the issue’s body alongside some other settings provided through markdown front matter.

This system here, however, namely the issue template you linked, is a completely new system. I don’t have any notification about it being available, nor does the template-creator in the setting use a new format.

My post was never about the template picker. I’m well aware of it and use it myself. My post was about some repos (So far only one I know of) having a new system called “Issue Forms”.

My post even mentions things, that is not part of the template picker:

So you assuming me meaning the picker is an odd response.

I hadn’t dug far enough on my first response :wink:

It hit the issue picker then noticed they used discussions for some (which showed a drop down) so I replied.

Then I dug a bit more, hence the supplemental one.

A quick test would be just to hit create a test repo and throw in their bug report yaml. Then you’ll know if it’s available everywhere.

I’m on a cell phone right now or I’d try it myself.

I tried it.
Doesn’t seem to work, so it’s most likely an invite-thing just like a member of the repo told me.

Let’s hope this thing becomes public beta soon… Or that I get access for at least one repo I participate in as a outside contributor

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Darn. Thanks for trying it!

Yes hopefully there’s more to come on that front quickly. I can see tonnes of useful things to do with it.


This one is hopefully going to fulfil some long term asks from the community, so we’re really excited about it. That said, I don’t have any clarity on the timing of a public beta just yet.

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Is there any chance to get added to the closed alpha/beta?
I’m a contributor towards an open-source project that could benefit a lot from this now, because we have to deal with a lot of people that don’t follow our templates, forcing us to close them as invalid.

It would be really awesome if at least the repo in question could gain access to this new feature. The repo in question is PlaceholderAPI/PlaceholderAPI

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I don’t know so I’ve opened an issue to find out how an organisation owner could go about requesting access, if that’s possible.

I’ll let you know when I have more information!


looks like you can ask the organisation owner to fill this out:


This looks amazing and I am eager to get this also for my repository. It’s a bit exhausting to get people filling out the right details in textual fashion. >90% of the people just delete any template and drop one liners as requests or bug reports :cry: My repo might be too small to be a valueable alpha tester of this feature but I’m really looking forward to something like it. :star_struck:

@canuckjacq Just out of curiosity, is there any particular reason why such features are not listed on the GitHub roadmap? Is it such an early trial to learn about such a feature could look and work ultimately? I am always eager to read about potential new features which might come but it seems the roadmap and blog do not cover all of these. :grin:


That form seems to bring me to a page that says I need permission. Are requests closed?

Limited private alpha for GitHub Issue Forms

Thank you everyone for your interest in the Issue Forms alpha! We’re not accepting new signups for participation in the alpha at this time.


I really hope this opens up to broader testing. We were really excited when we saw this new Issue Forms feature on other repos, so we went and rewrote our templates only to then learn that it was a closed beta. I actually tried to contact GitHub support at the time to get added (as we’d already done the work of writing the new templates) and never got a reply. Only just now found this forum and the now-closed request form. :sob:

There is an update here:

You can email @lukehefson if you want to join the beta right now. I suspect this will be automated in due course, but for now, you can get in touch directly. Bear in mind this is manual, so it won’t be immediate.

@andschwa I’ve located what went wrong with that ticket you sent. I’ll reply from there!


Thanks so much @canuckjacq! I really appreciated that.

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Issue Forms are now in open beta for public repos: