New here - First question.

Hello everybody!

I am new to GitHub and have tried to follow the intro tutorial. So far I found the following challenges:

  1.  In one tutorial you are asked to create a branch using the dropdown menu under the “master” button. But there is no menu dropping down and I can’t find any other branch menu on the page. 

  2. Trying to edit the file, but the “Commit Changes” button is grayed out, regardless of what I do. 

I have tried 3 different browsers with the same result and cannot find any information in the help page or the web. Please advice, thank you in advance! 

Hi @jaxxla,

Would you mind adding some screenshots of what you’re seeing? That will help us troubleshoot your issue.

One common mistake that people have when trying to commit code is forgetting to write a commit message. If you don’t have a commit message, then GitHub Desktop won’t allow you to commit.


image.png You should see something like this, if not check to see if you’re logged in and have write access. 

Thank you for the advice.

I think I found the problem, it seems to be Browser Error(s). I made some updates, and now it looks like it is loading correctly. The dropdown menu is there and I managed to create a file and edit the Readme. So now we can move on with the tutorial… ):

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Thank you, that is the non-existing menu I refered to. However, after some browser update, the menu is there and I just managed to make a new branch. So it was my browser that created the confusion, sorry about that!

Glad you got it to work! It’s amazing how many things either updates or reboots can solve. :slight_smile: