New here - First question.

I am having a problem with spindle speed control on my small 3 axis chinese engraver(cnc 3018). using windows xp sp3,candle1.1,woodpecker 2.8 with grblcontrol .09. When I move the slider in candle nothing happens until I get almost to bottom, then  the spindle drastacilly reduces speed. I increase slider slightly and speed immediatelly goes max. I have either max or minimum. I have searched all settings and have come to a dead end. I have watched the input sent to the machine and can see the gcode being sent with the speed notation but no change. I have searched the internet and cannot seem to find anything to correct. I have also tried other grblcontrol versions and all do the same. Candle is also  the only one I can get a visual representation on, and some of the other versions either the jog or something else will not work. Any pointers will help I am spinning my wheels.

Thanks FMAC

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Thanks I am new at this.