New GitHub page shows Confused

I just followed the exact same steps here to set up a new GitHub Page:

However, it’s doing something weird. For example, let’s say I login to using a username of “RandomUsername”, and then I go to create a new repository called When I go to GitHub pages in the settings and use the master branch from the dropdown (to select where the content will be stored), my GitHub Page URL turns into" as opposed to the expected

Am I doing this correctly or is the documentation a little off? According to the documentation, whatever you specify for the repository name, aka <user>, that will be the URL for your GitHub page, but that’s not the case. Instead, the URL becomes<user>

Confusing. Can someone help me here?

Do I need to create an entirely new GitHub account in order for it to show up as https://<username> and not have any subdirectory called instead?

EDIT: Nevermind. Just realized I had to set up a brand new GitHub pages account to accomplish what I was trying to do. Not sure how to delete posts, so figured I’d just add my resolution here for anyone else that may get slightly confused.

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Hi @altjx, Thanks a lot for coming back and sharing your fix, this post might help another user. Thank you!

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I try many times. I always have the same problem. The link of my website is  “” rather than “”. How can I get the latter one?

I have the exact same issue. I am getting started with Github and pretty confused.

Steps followed:

  1. Create new Repo ->
  2. Create index.html with some content in the master branch.
  3. Repo Settings -> Master Branch as Github Pages setting

Site shows published as