New GitHub Badges Released ! Awesome!

new badges were just released, check your GitHub Profile ! this is again another surprise from GitHub

thanks GitHub !!!



I am not sure these badges are OK.

For example the x3 Pull Shark lists my private repositories and when you click on the, obviously everyone will get a 404.
While I do have PR’s merged in actual big and public repos, those are’t listed at all. Seems rather buggy to me, and useless if it lists private repositories (even privacy breaking, actually).

there is only one private repo, which is marked inaccessible, which is, of course, private not shown even just the name, the other two are public repos,


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Right, I did miss to log out.
But still, private repos should not be listed, specially when you have “real” projects where your code is merged.
I mean, it is a badge, it shows achievements. Why list private repos no one can verify what you merged, or anyway your own repos?

I could create 3 dummy private repos and gain that badge by making a ton of “useless” merges.

I contributed to projects with thousands of users, now that is what I call an achievement - not my own little repos.

Am I so off with this?

you can try posting it here, where it is the Product Team, more of feature requests and bugs

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I really like the idea of gamification but what I saw and read about it seems like they have to overthink the achievements. People are spamming / use a second account just to get achievements

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yup, that’s I think is the nature of things, just like the Hacktoberfest

I have added this discussion on the link provided by @jdevstatic

I agree it is unfortunately the nature of things nowadays, but it has not to be. We don’t need to make it easy for those who “fake” their work. It shouldn’t be too difficult for starter to exclude private repos from the gamification.
It says achievements and not game points.

This is not Fortnite or any other shooter game, luckily :slight_smile:

yup, as far as I can remember, I asked one staff from GitHub about commits that can be faked easily and it seems they are aware of that,

well, if anyone will apply for a job, that can’t be faked no matter how good is the GitHub profile, just simple questions in an interview will reveal that true skills of the applicant, it will even be his / her weak point by faking the stats

I’m not promoting this, but really needed to mention, one vlogger mentioned that in his experience, he were able to join the hiring board at Google, focusing on the technical interviews,

and he said, you will know an applicant when he is just exaggerating or speaking on his / her level, if ever he finds the applicant exaggerating or we can call “faking it”, then he will simply challenge more questions thereby revealing the true technical level of the applicant and he will be more compassionate for those telling the truth