New GitHub Action not displayed on the Actions tab

The repository is the following:

Action Workflows taken from available actions-starter files and created using the Actions tab “New Workflow” option. I tried triggering multiple changes, fixing line endings, tabbing, etc. but the mvndeploy.yml action never showed up under the Actions tab.

Action files are located at:

Any help is appreciated.


@guillaumecleme ,

I checked your repository and the releases you have created, and I found few questions:

1) The workflow YAML file " mvndeploy.yml" is only located on the develop branch.

2) All the releases you have created are from the  master  branch.

Here are few points need you pay attention to:

1) After you have created a new workflow, this workflow will not be listed on " Actions" tab until it is triggered for the first time.

2) The GITHUB_REF of the release event is a tag ref, and Github will only reference the workflow YAML files on this tag ref, and the tag ref is created from the specified branch (master in your cases).

3) You can’t use the event occurs on a branch/tag ref to trigger the workflows located on another branch/tag ref.

So, my suggestions:

1) If you want to trigger the release workflow on the  develop branch, when you create a new release, you should select the tag created from the  develop  branch.


2) Similarly, if you create release from the  master  branch, and want to trigger the release workflow, you should make sure the YAML file also has been existing on the  master  branch, and select the tag created from the master  branch when creating a new release.

More details about Release event, you can reference here:

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Hi @brightran,

I tried a few of your suggestions, but still the Action did not trigger. I had previously merged the mavenpublish.yml file to /master when creating the 1.0.0 release. See this commit.

After a lot of testing, triggering changes, etc. I discovered that the real issue may have been the release process. During the release process, I followed these steps:

  1. Create a release branch
  2. Prepare the project
  3. Merge the release branch to /master
  4. Tag /master
  5. Push to GitHub remote
  6. GitHub then interpreted the tag as a release, but did not trigger the “release” process and then never called the Action

As for your comment regarding the Action not showing up until it was triggered for the first time, I was able to confirm this by creating a release manually through the GitHub user interface. 

Thank you for the link on workflow events. I will look at refining the event trigger to hopefully run when a tag is pushed.


Altough tags show up as releases in the Github UI, creating and pushing a tag does not trigger a  release creation event! Since the action does not trigger the event that my GitHub Action was listening to, it never ran and therefore never showed up in the Actions section.

By configuring the action workflow to instead listen to tag push events, I was able to achieve the desired result.

@guillaumecleme ,

Well, according to your reply, I think you have some misunderstandings about Release event, or you confuse Release event with Push event.

When you push a new tag to the remote, this activity is a type of Push event, “push” does not only mean push commits, it also includes push tags.

The Release event will be triggered from the time when you create a new release with a specified tag (an existing tag or create a new tag).

@brightran correct. What was confusing is that pushing a tag also shows up as a release in the UI.